Read blogs on a range of environmental issues that affect Wales today by Friends of the Earth Cymru staff and volunteers, members of local groups and climate action groups and guest editors.


How to decarbonise public sector pensions

By Bleddyn Lake

18 February 2022




How Caerphilly gained a Tiny Forest

By Lynn Gazal and Terry Gordon

1 February 2022




Play it Again Sport makes sport accessible in RCT

By Natasha Burnell
Enterprise Manager, Play it Again Sport

4 November 2021



10,000 voices across Wales call for urgent climate action

By Kirsty Luff

25 October 2021


Is your pension wrecking the planet?

By Bleddyn Lake

11 October 2021



How much more inclusive is cycling now?

By Sam Farnfield

7 September 2021



Photo of Gareth Ludkin, author of the blogStop biomass - it adds fuel to the fire

By Gareth Ludkin

20 August 2021



Stand up for Wales in the UK Climate Talks

By Jennifer Carew

5 July 2021



How to save the planet from poor decision-making

By Bleddyn Lake

2 July 2021




St Lucia and Wales face similar environmental issues

By Bianca Gittens

5 May 2021




Beyond Recycling strategy has some nice surprises!

By Bleddyn Lake

4 March 2021



Yes to zero-waste but no to burning

By Chamodi Peiris

16 February 2021




Wales's industries are key to winning the net zero race

By Joe Cooke

9 February 2021



How people power saved a green space in Caerphilly

By Bianca Gittens

1 February 2021




Let's all get behind the draft transport strategy

By Dr Ian Taylor

21 January 2021



We're not out of the woods yet!

By Ffion Edwards

18 November 2020



Why supermarkets should put doors on their fridges

By Joe Cooke

10 November 2020



Loving the baby bundle - let's make it sustainable

By Becky Harford

20 October 2020



Tetra Paks: Unpacking the Facts

By Briony Latter

19 October 2020



Time to ban the worst plastic offenders

By Kirsty Luff

5 October 2020




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