Fossil free Wales

We're in a climate crisis, and we need to reduce our carbon emissions.

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It's clear that new fossil fuel developments, including extending existing coal mines and extracting new oil, coal and gas that will add more emissions to the atmosphere, aren't compatible with tackling climate change.

That's why in Wales we're fought extensions to coal mines like Ffos y Fran and Glan Lash.

We're supporting local communities, and with help from our legal and planning team.

Rally by residents in February - people spelling out no - view from the air

Coal tip safety but not at the expense of the planet


Energy Recovery Investments (ERI) Reclamation Ltd is proposing to remove 500,000 tonnes of coal over five years from two coal tips in Bedwas and use sales from the coal to restore the site.


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Tata Steel works

Port Talbot steel announcement – Friends of the Earth reaction


The move to green steel should be done fairly, to secure Port Talbot’s future, create long-term, sustainable jobs and put areas like this at the forefront of the transition to a clean economy.


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Glan Lash rally

Wales’ last opencast coal mine proposal turned down in historic decision


Carmarthenshire councillors put nature and climate first today (Thursday 14 September), by saying no to further opencast coal mining at Glan Lash opencast mine in Carmarthenshire.


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Chris and Alyson Austin

Restore Ffos y Fran, urge campaigners


The owner of Ffos y Fran coal mine stopped mining on 30 November 2023, but local campaigners don’t want them to just leave – they want them to restore the site as promised.


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Glan Lash
Ffos y Fran

We urge Coal Authority - act on enforcement order


Friends of the Earth has written to the Coal Authority, welcoming their enforcement order against the owner of Ffos y Fran, an open cast mine near Merthyr Tydfil.


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