Sustainable fashion

Given the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency, it's more important than ever that fashion becomes more affordable for people without costing the Earth.
Photo of a woman in a repair cafe holding a pair of trousers with a 'fixed' sign
Photo courtesy of Rupal Shah-Clark

Friends of the Earth Cymru is a member of Sustainable Clothing and Textiles Cymru, a coalition of coalition of charities, local businesses, education providers and passionate individuals.

Members include Sustainable Fashion Wales, Repair Cafe Wales, the Eco-schools programme Keep Wales Tidy, and Onesta, the fashion retailer.

Our mission is to showcase the brilliant and varied work that is making fashion and textiles more sustainable in Wales, and to inspire changemakers to make this industry better supported, better connected and more mainstream throughout the nation.

Wales has the potential to be a world leader in sustainable fashion. To make this happen, we are calling for: 

  • A new Sustainable Fashion and Textile Director role within Welsh Government.​

  • A school uniform and sports kit swap scheme in every school

  • Welsh Government to engage with us to discuss and develop business initiatives​

  • A new Microplastics Action plan for Wales.

To find out more, read our report.



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The fashion industry has a huge carbon footprint. It is estimated to be responsible for around 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.


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Sustainable fashion - what can we do?


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