Coalition welcomes Senedd debate on tackling air quality in Wales

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Monday 04 December 2017

Coalition welcomes Senedd debate on tackling air quality in Wales


Tomorrow (Tuesday 05 December), Welsh Government will lead a debate on tackling air quality in Wales. The motion proposes that the Welsh Government takes steps to tackle poor air quality through;


  1. a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) framework to ensure the consistent and effective implementation of clean air zones by local authorities, wherever they are needed;


  1. improvements to local authority reporting on air quality issues in their areas and their plans to deal with them;


  1. the establishment of a national air quality assessment and monitoring centre for Wales, to advise local and national government on the extent of poor air quality and the effectiveness of current and future actions;


  1. the delivery of an on-going air quality campaign and other interventions to raise public awareness of poor air quality and to change behaviour.


Joseph Carter, Head of British Lung Foundation Wales and Chair of Healthy Air Cymru, said: “We welcome the motion and the commitment of Welsh Government, however, we need strong leadership to make CAZs happen.”


“Welsh Government will need to work more closely with local authorities – and not just offer them a framework. Additional funding and resources will have to be given.”


“Air pollution is continuing to damage the lungs of people in Wales, especially those who are vulnerable such as children (because of their developing lungs), and those who have a lung condition such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). We need action now”


Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, said:


“Urgent action is needed in Wales to clean up our air – for our health and the planet.


We need a clear, comprehensive and funded Clean Air Plan for Wales, including effective Clean Air Zones to protect people from exposure to pollution for all vehicles in our polluted towns and cities, better monitoring of air quality across Wales, and infrastructure to enable active travel with safe walking and cycling routes.


We look forward to working with the Welsh Government, the Assembly and other experts to develop these proposal as a matter of urgency.”



Notes to editor


About Healthy Air Cymru
Healthy Air Cymru are working towards a Wales where people don’t develop health conditions due to the pollution around them
Healthy Air Cymru aim to:
  • Raise awareness of the harmful effects of air pollution on public health
  • Inform and influence Welsh Government, policy makers and opposition politicians of the powers and responsibilities that exist at different levels of government
  • Make the case for devolved solutions to air pollution in Wales
The membership of Healthy Air Cymru includes (so far) the following organisations:
  • British Lung Foundation
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Client Earth
  • Friends of the Earth Cymru
  • Institute for Welsh Affairs
  • Living Streets
  • Public Health Wales
  • Royal College of Physicians
  • Sustrans Cymru
  • Swansea University
For more information about Healthy Air Cymru visit visit or follow us on @HealthyAirCymru

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