Take action on microfibres

Published: 17 Nov 2021

As many of our clothes contain plastic, they can shed millions microfibres when we wash them, which end up in the sea.

Picture of a microfibre fleece under a microscope


Every day millions of particles of microplastics enter the sea.

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Bigger bits of plastic also break down into tiny particles possibly entering the food chain too. Microplastics are even in the air

Many of our clothes for instance contain plastics like polyester, nylon, acrylic and polyamide.

Every time we wash these materials they shed millions of plastic microfibres which aren’t picked up by wastewater treatment plants so end up in the sea.

From then on things actually get even worse but there are ways you can reduce this pollution!

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) have also done some good work on this and have a handy checklist. See how many of their suggestions you can do. 


Zero waste - things we can do

Sustainable Fashion - things you can do



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