Open letter asking for a Microplastics Action Plan

Over 50 organisations, including Friends of the Earth Cymru, have signed a letter to Welsh Government asking them to act on the growing problem of microplastics.

Graphic of a plastic bottle raining down tiny pieces of plastic on to two fish


Microplastic particles have been found from the highest mountain tops to the deepest oceans. They are in our air and in our food. They come from the abrasion of macro plastics which pollute our environment, from plastic bottles, wet wipes, vehicle tyres and even from paints on buildings and road markings.

They are estimated to make up about 35% of the entire plastic pollution in our seas and oceans.

Microplastics have been found to be toxic to marine life and a growing evidence base suggests they can be harmful to life on land, including ourselves. Fragments have even been found in the blood in 8 out of 10 people with as yet unknown health effects.

Signatories are keen to work with Welsh Government to pull together the relevant organisations and experts to draw up a Welsh Microplastics Action Plan. We foresee this including things like addressing plastic microfibre release and microplastic pollution at source, and the provision of education about these issues in our schools.

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