Invest in community energy

Published: 18 Nov 2021

Community energy schemes can increasingly pay back good returns on investments with Egni Co-op for instance offering projected interest at around 4% per year and capital to be repaid over 20 years.  

Wind turbine in a field


This sort of interest rate obviously compares very favourably with other sorts of investments and if you are interested in finding out more, check out the Wales Community Investment Network.  

They can provide you with lots more information and keep you up to date with new opportunities in Wales.  

The Wales Co-operative Centre also have information on community investment schemes.

There are many organisations and charities out there working with remote communities in various parts of the world on renewable energy projects which help them achieve sustainable and resilient lives as well as helping cut climate emissions. If you feel you can, do think about supporting these organisations. Some examples are  Renewable World,  SolarAid and Practical Action.    

Others such as the Clean Cooking Alliance work around the globe to help those disproportionately affected by dirty, polluting and energy inefficient stoves which also contribute to climate change. 

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