Published: 26 May 2021

Emissions from agriculture account for 14% of Wales's emissions. What can we do to reduce our own carbon footprint?

Root vegetables

Vegetables for Welsh cawl (soup) from


Farming is in important economic sector for the Welsh economy, and it has strong cultural importance for the nation. 

Many family-run farms have been in the family for generations and farming is the backbone for many communities. Almost 90% of land in Wales is farmland.

But the Committee on Climate Change states that agriculture emissions accounts for 13% of Wales emissions.

Whether we choose to eat meat or not, we all know the impacts that meat and dairy production (especially intensive systems) are having on our planet. Read more


What are we calling for? 

We want the Welsh Government to help farms to be kinder on the planet and nature – for instance by supporting whole farm systems that protect nature and sequester carbon.

Farms should be incentivised to protect and restore habitat, woodlands and hedgerows and to improve the health of the soil.

They also need to reduce their use of fewer fertilisers, pesticides, and antibiotics and improve animal health and welfare with pasture-led livestock. Read more


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