Take action to clean up Wales’s dangerous air

Published: 20 Jul 2023

We need to make sure legislation goes ahead and is as strong as possible. Will you show the Senedd that you want a strong law to clean up our air?

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Let’s make Wales a place where we can walk down the street safely without breathing in dangerous air. 

Polluted air is bad for our health as well as the planet. Shockingly, poor air quality contributes to around 2,000 deaths a year in Wales. 

People who do the least to cause the problem – low-income households, those with no car, people of colour, children with delicate lungs – suffer the most.  

The Environment Bill being considered by the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) this year promises to improve air quality.  

We’re calling on the Senedd to pass a bill that is strong enough for everyone to breathe safely. 

Show the Senedd you want clean air in Wales.

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