Tackling climate chaos - a guide for town and community councils

One Voice Wales and Friends of the Earth Cymru have compiled some ideas of what Community and Town Councils can do in the fight against climate chaos and nature destruction.
Tree planting in Caerphilly
Community tree planting event in Caerphilly

What different Community and Town Councils can do will of course depend on a variety of factors, so we offer these as ideas. Some may be more relevant than others and some may or may not have been done already in your areas. 

Some of the ideas are things you can do as a Community and Town Councils, some may just involve helping and supporting these sorts of schemes in your local area and some may lend themselves more to an information sharing role with residents through local newsletters, information boards or events for example.  

If you would like more ideas and information on what individuals and communities can do, visit this website.

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