Zero waste

Published: 24 Nov 2021

The move to a circular economy is a key part in the fight against climate chaos.

Picture of reusable coffee cups and other reusable items


Eurostat estimates that waste was the fourth largest source sector of emissions in the EU in 2017 (accounting for 3% of total greenhouse gas emissions).

In Wales, waste accounted for 4% of total Welsh emissions in 2018, but these stats don’t tell the full story. Around 99% of the plastics we use come from fossil fuels. Therefore our ongoing reliance on plastics is  tying us in to an ongoing dependence on these climate chaos causing fuels.

Despite all the recent attention given to this problem, studies suggest progress on reducing plastics is too slow. The move to a circular economy is a key part in the fight against climate chaos. Read more


What are we calling for?

All the actions we take on food waste, plastics, paper, textiles etc need to be done with an overarching aim of Wales becoming a truly zero waste country.

Allied to this will be the transitioning to a circular economy, one in which resources are kept in use for a long time and are reused at the end of their life rather than simply thrown away. Read more


Things we can do







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