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Published: 12 Nov 2021

This section will give you ideas you can talk to your workplace about.

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WRAP estimates that waste can cost some organisations as much as 4% of their turnover and that taking action could save between £400 and £1,000/year for every employee.


What can you do? 

You may be able to work with your employer and encourage them to make changes.

Click on the link, What can businesses do, below.

Depending on where you work, can any of these ideas be implemented in your organisation, company or business?

Can you set yourself a target to talk to your colleagues and employers and start making changes?

If you only have time to look at one source of information, WRAP’s guide to Green Offices is a good one, as is The Carbon Trust’s The journey to net zero for SMEs.

You could also take a look at this report from Wales TUC.


What can some businesses do?

As you might expect, there is an awful lot of information out there and some of it is quite obvious and some of the ideas are undoubtedly being done already by businesses everywhere.  If you did however want to talk to your employer or workplace about making some changes, we’ve tried to highlight some ideas from different sources under different heading with links of where to go for more information.


What can businesses do?




















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