Water - what are we calling for?

Published: 6 Dec 2021

Summers in the UK are likely to be hotter and drier, so there is a need to conserve water resources, and reduce climate emissions while saving customers money on their bills.  
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In the UK, Defra has set an average water consumption target of 130 litres per person per day (l/h/d) by 2030. This sort of reduction (from 150 /h/d to 130 l/h/d) would result in less water being required to be put into supply and deliver associated carbon savings.  

Consumption in other European countries is already below this however, with Germany at 121 l/h/d and Belgium on 106 l/h/d. 

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) for example also sets out average water consumption levels per proposed occupant in new build houses, with a range of 120 l/h/d for Level 1, to 80l/h/d or less for the highest levels (5 and 6).  

While these targets wouldn’t affect existing building stock, ‘the savings are likely to be widely achievable through retrofitting water efficient appliances and fittings’.  

The Met Office predicts that summers in the UK are likely to be hotter and drier so the need to conserve water resources, reduce climate emissions whilst saving customers money on their bills should necessitate an ambitious water consumption target in Wales.  

The use of more rainwater harvesting measures for instance could reduce consumption down to 80 l/h/d.  

We would advocate that the Welsh Government, Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water and other stakeholders develop national per capita water consumption targets and work to develop a water saving culture in Wales that also helps prevent low income households of falling into water poverty

A target of 80 l/h/d would set the bar high and ensure we reduce our water usage (p.40&41) in Wales, reduce climate emissions from this sector and reduce household water bills.


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