Will the climate emergency lead to emergency actions?

In an article for IWA's 'Click on Wales' (May 2019), Bleddyn Lake, Campaigns and Development Manager, argues that every decision we have to make has to be viewed through the lens of climate change

By Bleddyn Lake
Campaigns and Development Manager
Friends of the Earth Cymru

Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army used to say ‘Don’t panic, don’t panic’. The message from our planet, our home, is: do panic! We have until 2030 to act decisively and that is not long. On 1st May 2019, two days after the Welsh Government declared a climate emergency, the National  Assembly for Wales became the first parliament in the world to vote to declare a climate emergency.

So that’s it now is it? All sorted? I hate to say it, but we’ve been in a climate emergency for decades. Political inaction at all levels, public lack of knowledge and active political lobbying by businesses and vested interests have all helped to dump us in this very fine mess. What we need now, finally, is action. No excuses, no looking at others to take the lead, no half measures, no exemptions and exceptions. Just action.


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