Sustainable fashion - what communities can do

Published: 18 Nov 2019

Worried about the problem of fast fashion? Connect with others in your community who share your concerns.

Join or set up a repair cafe

At repair cafes, you can get all kinds of stuff (such as electrical and mechanical devices as well as clothes) fixed for free by volunteers. Organised by and for local residents, repair cafés are generally held at a fixed locationIf you have any clothes that need fixing, take them to your local repair café. Organisers are always looking for volunteers, so if you are good at mending clothes (or anything else!), consider volunteering your time or supporting in another way. For more information, please visit


Get swishing!

Got clothes you no longer wear in your wardrobe? Why not invite a few of your friends around to a clothes swap party, and exchange items over a glass of wine? Find out all your need to know about 'swishing' here


Attend a community swap 

An outfit you no longer want might be another person’s treasure! Community swap shop events are becoming more common, why not see if there are any happening in your local area?  A swap shop is a free and local exchange where members of the public can pass on clothes they no longer want, in exchange for clothes they do. 


Organise a uniform swap or sale

School uniforms can be expensive and children can outgrow clothes quickly before wearing them out. Uniform swapping sites are becoming more popular, often organised by parents or schools. If there aren't any in your local area, why not set one up?

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