Operations-only Climate Action Plan for Welsh councils

Councils in Wales have been asked to introduce plans to the Welsh Government by March 2021 on how they will get to net zero by 2030. This is a great opportunity to work with councils and influence them to introduce strong ambitious plans.

However, councils only need to look at their own operations – the impact of their own buildings and services on climate emissions, the energy they use, and what they buy and spend.

We are encouraging them to instead present plans for the whole local authority area, as our full Climate Action Plan for Councils set out, and some are already doing so.

But we recognise that others will already have drafted plans on their own operations which are too late to change by the deadline. For this reason, we’ve prepared this checklist (which can be downloaded below) of which of those actions apply to this narrower definition of council operations as a fallback position you can use.

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