Sustainable Fashion - what can you do?

Published: 18 Nov 2019

You don’t have to buy loads of clothes made from sustainable materials to dress sustainably. Here are our four tips to sustainable fashion! Think W.E.A.R.

1. Wear what you have

Before adding to your wardrobe, ask yourself if you really need it. Can you wear something you already own instead?


2. Avoid fast fashion

Avoid buying cheap, fast fashion from retail outlets. Consider spending a bit more and get one that is ethically sourced and/or from sustainable and/or organic materials that will last you ten years.


3. Endeavour to end waste

Review your wardrobe regularly and donate items you don’t wear to the charity shop. Someone else might like to wear it.


4. Repair it or up-style it, if possible

If your favourite outfit is falling apart, take it to a local repair café, pay to have it repaired or get out your needle or sewing machine. Or maybe old clothes but be refashioned into a whole new outfit?


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