Wales’ first carbon plan is a new start at overcoming climate chaos

This week (21 March 2019), the Welsh Government published ‘’Prosperity for All – a Low Carbon Wales,” a cross-government plan to cut emissions and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

Students campaigning for action on climate change outside the Senedd in Cardiff on 15 March 2019


This first carbon plan is intended to set out how Wales will meet its first carbon budget and lay the foundations for how Wales will achieve its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Responding to the launch, Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, said: 

‘The First Minister rightly highlighted that we must sit up and listen to the growing clamour from young people, in Wales and across the world, to tackle the climate emergency we’re in. 

‘We have a vanishingly narrow window to stop runaway climate change. Extreme weather events are becoming more common. Across the world, people are dying from floods, storms, heatwaves and drought, and many species are on the brink of extinction. Young people are taking to the streets to stand up for their future. Last year’s IPCC report on climate change was a wakeup call that governments need to be bold.  

‘We’re pleased that Wales has a legal framework for tackling climate change, and welcome this first plan towards being a low carbon nation. 

‘But it’s not enough.  Most of the policies in the document are in place already, and as we know the targets themselves aren’t in line with the ambition of the Paris Agreement or our duty to be a globally responsible nation. 

‘We must aim higher – and be net zero emissions by 2045 at the latest.

'To do this we need more trees, carbon-free heating and electricity, and to avoid locking ourselves into a high-carbon future with infrastructure like the M4 relief road.  

‘We hope that this is a new beginning for overcoming climate chaos. The solutions are out there - there are great examples of people making a difference in communities across Wales and we need to work together to create a safe, healthy and sustainable world. 

We urge Welsh Government to act on the concerns of young people and local communities.  

‘The time to act on climate change is now.’   


For more information, please visit ‘When can the UK be net zero?’

More information on the first carbon plan

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