Tell the Welsh Government - act now to keep people warm this winter

Published: 5 Dec 2022

We've joined with Climate Cymru and partners to call for home insulation, more renewables, no more dependence on fossil fuels, and better financial support for those in need. Sign the petition now.


Picture of a group of people behind houses with text Act now to keep people warm this winterSign the petition


The energy crisis is set to have devastating impacts in Wales this winter.  

As many as 45% of our households could be facing fuel poverty. That means thousands being forced to make impossible decisions between essentials like heating and eating.  

This crisis won't solve itself. Bills are set to rocket again in spring and Welsh homes remain some of the leakiest in Europe, meaning it costs us more just to keep warm.

That’s why we’ve united with the Climate Cymru coalition to launch Warm this Winter, a campaign to stop communities in Wales from going cold for good. 

We’re calling on the Welsh Government to adopt commonsense solutions to our energy crisis: home insulation, more renewables, ending our dependence on fossil fuels and better financial support for those in need.  

We can use the same solutions to solve the cost-of-living, energy and climate crises, and they're all in reach. Together we can and must demand a sustainable future free of fuel poverty.

Sign our petition today to demand solutions to keep Wales warm this winter – and for winters to come.  

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