Phil Ward

Long Term Volunteer


Phil has been a member of Cardiff FOE since 1987!

We asked Phil what some of his favourite moments have been over the years:

“It must be the campaigns we worked on in the 1990’s, the early anti roads campaigns which sprung up everywhere. I can remember taking part in the South Coast Against Roads walk from Cosham to Honiton in 1995 which linked up many anti roads campaigns. The South Wales Against Roads Mania (SWARM) in 1996 is another one that stands out as we were campaigning to stop the M4 Relief Road which is ironic as it has been in the news again recently. I would say however that my absolute favourite campaign was the one trying to stop the Newbury Bypass in the early 1990’s which saw even me up a tree for a few days in the biting cold and snow.”

And why have you stayed active for such a long time Phil?

“FOE is just like a big family and being a long term unemployed person, it has helped me structure my time in a personally meaningful way.”

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