Wales should 'aim high' - our response to climate change report

The Welsh Government will miss its own targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to the first annual report by the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee on climate change published today (25 May 2018). According to Friends of the Earth Cymru now is the time to redouble our efforts and aim high, not take a step backwards.

Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru and member of the Expert Reference Group on Climate Change commented;

‘The Committee’s first annual report on climate change is a wakeup call for the whole government and everyone in Wales – we’re not doing enough to tackle climate change, and we need urgent action to put that right.

This report demonstrates the value of having a regular check on the progress we are making towards meeting emissions targets. It gives us an opportunity to scrutinise the Welsh Government, to have an open discussion about the scale and change needed to tackle climate change and to do more where we need to.

We’ve got a new system to tackle climate change under the Environment Act, so the targets we set need to be in line with the international Paris Agreement on climate change and also with our duty to be a globally responsible nation under the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Together, let’s create a sustainable low-carbon future for Wales – phase out fossil fuels, decarbonise our energy and transport, and enable people to live, work, travel healthily in a low-carbon way.’

Read the full climate change report

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