Wales can do better

Our nation should aim for net zero emissions as soon as possible and at least by 2045.

The Welsh Government was the first to declare a climate emergency.

Wales has a strong track record of ground-breaking policies like the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, so let's lead the way and set an example to the rest of the World.





Transport - we need policies that actively encourage active travel, such as improved cycling infrastructure and clean air/low emission zones in major towns and cities across Wales. All buses, trains, taxis and private hire vehicles should be electric. 






Power - Wales need to meet all of its energy needs from renewable sources as soon as possible. According to IWA, this can be achieved by 2035.







Buildings - the electricity we use to light and heat our buildings should be from renewable sources. Our homes should be energy-efficient and well insulated.







Land use - we think Wales needs to double its tree cover to absorb carbon from the air and continue our efforts be a bee friendly nation. Wales should be a place where wildlife and biodiversity is able to thrive.





Climate justice - we need to stop investing in fossil fuels! The pension funds of Assembly Members and councils, for example, should be divested as a matter of urgency - take action today






Waste - we must aim to be a zero waste nation by 2030. Wales should ban single use plastics, introduce a bottle deposit return scheme and a tax on takeaway cups ('a latte levy'). We also think the Welsh Government should set up a sustainable fashion taskforce


What can you do? Take climate action in Wales

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