Last coal-fired power station in Wales set to close – our reaction

Aberthaw, the last coal fired power station is set to close in 2020, it was announced today (01 August 2019).

Reacting to this news, Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru1 said:

“The writing’s on the wall for the coal industry – we cannot keep burning fossil fuels in a climate emergency and we must stop now.

“It’s welcome news that Wales’ last coal fired power station is set to close. Combined with the Welsh Government’s announcement at the end of last year that there should be no new coal mining in Wales, finally we will be able to say that coal is history.

“We must now re-energise our efforts to cut emissions to net zero, and secure solutions to climate change that support communities throughout Wales, creating green jobs, and a healthy sustainable future for us all without damaging our climate and wildlife.

And public bodies in Wales must make sure that they don’t invest in the fossil fuel industry through pension funds or any other means.”

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