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The Welsh Government is consulting on its Beyond Recycling strategy - respond today using quick and easy online action

Imagine a world with no waste. Litter is history and single use plastic is banned. Valuable resources are not being used up, there are no overflowing landfills, no incineration plants, and products are not over-packaged.



The stuff we produce is in circulation for a long, long time and made into new stuff at the end if its life. And we’re absolutely amazing at recycling but it’s a last resort. Nothing goes to waste!

Because in this world we’re lending, sharing, reusing, refilling and repairing our things, and upcycling many of the products now deemed to be ‘waste.’

But how can we make Wales like this? The Welsh Government want your thoughts and opinions on their ‘Beyond Recycling’ strategy.

It mentions lots of great ideas and initiatives but it doesn’t go far enough – for instance, the target for Wales to be a zero-waste country should be much sooner than 2050.

Write to the Welsh Government today! Use or adapt our template response or create your own from scratch.


Let's create the Wales our planet needs. You have until 3rd April to have your say.

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