Beyond recycling - Friends of the Earth Cymru reaction

Responding to the Welsh Government’s consultation document ‘Beyond Recycling – Making the circular economy a reality in Wales’ published today a spokesperson for Friends of the Earth Cymru said:

“We’re pleased that the Welsh Government recognises that we must go beyond recycling and take a comprehensive approach to reducing the resources we use and creating a circular economy. It’s great that there are proposals for phasing out single use plastics, introducing legislation to extend producer responsibility, supporting community infrastructure to reduce waste and set up zero waste towns, and a commitment to not create problems globally by shipping our waste overseas.

“However becoming a zero waste nation by 2050 will be too late to avert a climate crisis – we need to be zero waste by 2030. We need clearer commitments to act decisively, and timelines to achieve changes. And we must not only stop sending waste to landfill but ban incineration – we cannot continue to burn resources, creating climate-damaging emissions and air pollution.

“Creating a circular economy will mean jobs in communities across Wales, helping making us more resilient as well as reducing our global footprint."



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