Alternative plan needed for Anglesey based on renewables, not nuclear energy

Reacting to the news today (17 January 2019) that Hitachi will suspend work on a £20bn nuclear plant in Anglesey, Haf Elgar, Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru, said

“This news from Hitachi shows that nuclear power is not the future of energy - in Anglesey or elsewhere. With the costs of renewable energy dramatically falling, new developments in energy storage and a shift on energy efficiency, nuclear is fast becoming the most expensive and risky option.

An alternative economic plan is urgently needed for Anglesey to replace jobs at risk and to create new ones.

We are blessed with huge resources of renewable energy here in Wales such as wind, tidal and solar and there is great potential for developing new industries and jobs in this sector.

Our focus must be on making the most of these safer, greener solutions, not leaving a toxic legacy of radioactive waste for centuries to come.

For the sake of future generations, Wales must be nuclear-free as well as fossil-free.”

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