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Get involved with one of our volunteer groups around Wales and help make your local area, and the planet, greener and safer.

Join a Friends of the Earth Group

From creating wildlife havens and community gardens, to keeping communities safe from fracking and waste incinerators, Friends of the Earth local groups have been making a difference in Wales for the last 30 years.

Join us, and you might be surprised how much fun it can be too - you'll definitely get a great welcome whatever your skills and interests. You'll meet experts and enthusiasts, and also plenty of ordinary people doing their bit on everything from climate change and cleaner energy to safer food and a healthier natural world.

By joining the world's largest network of green campaigners, you'll soon feel that by working together we really can make lasting change.

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Join a Climate Action Group

Climate Action groups lobby decision-makers to make their communities more climate friendly.

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Start a local group!

Can't find a group near you? Then let’s change that! Why not set up your own group and inspire others in your area to join! You’re never alone, as we will help you get on your feet and help you setup your own group. Before you know it you’ll be busy campaigning and making changes for the better in your area. Contact [email protected] for more info, help & advice.

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