Chemicals - what are we calling for?

There are 4 main things we would like to see here. 

That the UK (and therefore Wales) remain part of the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACHbody. This was set up by the EU to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. With the advent of Brexit, the UKs membership of REACH will likely cease. It is at this stage difficult to see how the UK Government will replicate the effectiveness of REACH.  

We would like to see Wales develop its own chemical strategy to protect human health, the environment and the climate from dangerous chemicals. This would encompass chemicals from all walks of life from agricultural and pharmaceutical products to things like paints and refrigerants. 

Whilst HFCs are being steadily reduced as a result of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, Project Drawdown does however suggest that ‘lowering the demand/use of appliances and thereby production of refrigerants  is an effective way of reducing emissions from refrigerants. Given that supermarket fridges and freezers use around 1% of the UKs electricity supply and that this could be cut significantly if supermarkets were to simply put doors on all fridges and freezers, we would like to see all supermarket chains in Wales commit to doing this by the end of 2022. Failing this, we call on the Welsh Government to find a way to legislate for this to happen. This would not only reduce electricity usage but also HFC usage. 

There are some very serious concerns about Glyphosate, both in terms of human health and also that of bees and other insects. We would like to see the Welsh Government phase out the use of Glyphosate in Wales and set itself a timetable for this. 

Countries and regions around the world have already taken action to restrict or ban glyphosate, including Austria in 2019.  

An immediate cessation of using glyphosate in areas used by children such as parks and playing fields should be brought in as soon as possible. 

Things you can do

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