We can all play a part in turning the tide against plastic - find your bit of #Nature2Nurture and, remember, there's #NoPieceTooSmall!

Plastic has made its way into our oceans and rivers. Plastic has taken over our woodlands, hillsides, country walks and mountain tops, and plagues our streets, homes, supermarkets.

Plastic is everywhere!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We have the power to make a big difference with the smallest of actions.


If one person picks up one piece of plastic every day for a year, 365 fewer pieces of plastic are making their way into our oceans.

Imagine 10 people doing the same daily ritual -  that’s 3650 fewer pieces of plastic going into our oceans!

A small action like picking up a piece of litter hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.

Connect with your inner activist

The ‘perfect image’ we paint on social media is edited to create the best impression possible. Whether it’s adding a filter or cropping away the bad bits, we create an idealistic version of the truth.

Instead of cropping away the rubbish we want you to show us the real image, inspire others to do something about it and share the results!

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How to take part 


OK, so you’ve found a piece of plastic litter, let’s do something about it!


Take an interesting picture


Don’t forget to put it in its rightful place - the nearest recycling bin!



Share what you’ve done with others. Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all 3 using #Nature2Nurture and #NoPiece2Small . It also helps to tag your location so people can see where you’re making a difference.


We want to create a virtual map of Wales that not only reveals the true extent of the problem but also celebrates the wonderful people who are doing something about it.


So come and join us on the frontline against plastic, find your piece of #Nature2Nurture and show that there is #NoPiece2Small and #NoMess2Big that we cannot make a difference and create a plastic free Wales.

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