Bee Friendly in Wales

Without our bees our environment and economy - including our food - are in trouble. We need them to pollinate our fruit and vegetables. And right now, they need us to help save them.



So, what do we do? Bee Friendly!


Bee Friendly Initiative - for schools and other public institutions

Friends of the Earth Cymru has joined with the Welsh Government to launch a world first initiative to protect bees and other pollinators in Wales.

Bee Friendly, or Caru Gwenyn in Welsh, is a new Wales-wide accreditation scheme where communities, schools, universities, businesses and places of worship can achieve “Bee Friendly” status.

Find everything you need you to get started with Bee Friendly - including an action guide, application form and FAQs

The scheme, where participating groups complete “tasks” under the headings habitat, forage, pesticides and community involvement, is hoped to stimulate far more activism, far more interest in pollinators and help conserve and protect the future of our Bees!

The scheme is a new initiative from the Pollinator Taskforce which was set up following the successful launch of the Welsh Government’s Action Plan for Pollinators.

The initiative includes a network of regional “Bee Champions” to help participating groups plan their projects and future years will see bronze, silver and gold standards introduced to keep Wales buzzing.

The aim is to make Wales the first pollinator-friendly nation in the world! 

So get busy for the bees!


5 ways to Bee Friendly - for individuals

Here are some steps we, as individuals, can take to Bee Friendly - you might have already done some of them already!

Plant some bee friendly plants and seeds

Don’t use pesticides and chemicals like weed killers - this is a key cause of bee decline

Give bees a nice place to live – bee hotels can be cheap and easy to make

Encourage your work, council, school, church or other public institution to Bee Friendly - tell them about the Wales-wide accreditation scheme

Join the Great British Bee Count which runs in May and June every year


Discover more facts and resources about our amazing bees.

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